National Account Benefits

Manufacturer Direct

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS) is an affiliate of the Toshiba Corporation, a $67 billion worldwide company. By becoming a Toshiba National Account Program Customer, you have a direct relationship with TAIS and all the resources of the Toshiba Corporation

Nationwide Dealer Network

Toshiba distributes its telecommunications products through a comprehensive network of 400 factory-trained authorized dealers located throughout the United States. With over 800 branch sales and service facilities, this network is unequaled in the telecommunications business. Only those dealers who have demonstrated the highest levels of sales, support, and service are invited to contract directly with us.

Single Point of Contact

As as National Account Customer, you’ll be assigned a National Account Coordinator who is familiar with you and your company’s needs. This facilitates smooth order processing and efficient communication, and gives you the benefit of dealing directly with the manufacturer. Whether you’re upgrading your offices or equipping a new one, your National Account Coordinator will be there to manage shipping, design, installation, training, ordering, and invoicing. This ensures that your new telecommunications systems are up and running quickly and efficiently.

Uniform Equipment and Labor Pricing

Upgrading your existing office or equipping new ones requires extensive planning and budgeting. Toshiba helps by supplying pre-set equipment and labor costs and convenient pricing and configuration sheets. As a result, you’re able to project purchase and installation costs quickly and accurately for any location in the United States.

Centralized Billing

We’re able to simplify the purchasing and billing process by invoicing you directly. As a National Accounts Customer, you’ll receive one detailed National Account bill from Toshiba and Toshiba will take care of compensations to the dealers.

No Down Payment

We require no up front payments from our a National Accounts customers. Our unique pay-as-you-go program reduces your initial capital outlay and helps you manage costs.

Flexible Financing

Toshiba offers our National Accounts customers a variety of financing options, including leasing and third-party financing. This enables you to choose the financing options appropriate to your capital planning objectives.

Equipment Standardization and Reliability

Standardizing your telecommunications equipment throughout your organization is the best way to ensure product compatibility and ease of use. Your employees will be able to travel from one office to the next and use their telephones without confusion.